Saturday, May 11, 2013

Spring Cleaning

Spring is here, finally, and that means the cleaning hormones are starting to ramp up. Time to give the home environment a facelift. That goes for the virtual home, too.

I have a new webpage and domain name. My old webpage was hosted by Yahoo. In the beginning they were great. Easy to edit templates, webmail with the domain name, and all the marketing goodies you want. Here comes the but...a few months ago, the webpage editor started giving me headaches. A simple change of description and fonts sizes changed all over the place, or font color. The editor would only work with Internet Explorer which I hate and Firefox which I'm not overly fond of. I like Chrome. Since Google and Yahoo are competitors, they don't play nicely with each other.

May is the month my subscription ran out so it was the perfect time to look for a new home and a new domain name. As much as I love, it was a lot to type. And it should have been ponyexpressstudio, but for some reason, my fingers typed graphics and hit enter, before I could correct the mistake). Marketing articles and tips I read screamed "brand your name". Do you know how many Kennedys there are in Massachusetts? Someone had the nerve to take Now what to do? Something has to be appended. Don't use numbers. Use something that defines your business. Calligraphy, Lettering, Lettering Art. All too long. Pen. Maybe. Ink. Ta-da! My new domain name is

Researching top webhosts brought me to The day I went to check them out, they were running a special so the price for two yeas was ├╝ber cheap. They offered unlimited bandwidth, disk space, and email addresses, free domain registration, drag and drop templates, and an anytime money back guarantee.

I do have to say that customer service with Yahoo was great. No pressure or a million questions as to why I wanted to end service with them. I just had to verify some information and a couple of clicks and was gone.

The new website was up and running in minutes. A nice, new, clean layout. Thought I would give the old blog a facelift, too. Comments about the new look (like it? hate it?) would be welcome.


  1. Seems like a lot of you like the new blog design. You know that you can read my blog in a layout you like. I prefer the Sidebar because I can easily see if there are comments on a post, but you can pick the layout you like best. Click one of the layouts on the blue ribbon above.

    The downside to using Blogger's dynamic views it's in beta, so some things don't work well. I also miss my widgets though I admit they were a bit cluttered. All the widgets were supposed to moved to the slide out menu on the right side. While rearranging them, they disappeared from view. I know some of you come here and read blogs off my blog rolls. I put all the blogs I read in one blog roll so you can still find the ones you like to read. Hover your mouse over the grey strip on the right side of the blog. Click on the blog roll icon. The whole list is there though sometimes print overlaps pictures as I said dynamic views is still in beta.

    1. Oh, and thank you all for the feedback

  2. Thanks for pointing out where the blog roll is, I was missing that.

  3. I like the new layout. Very crisp and clean. I like blogs that aren't all cluttered and confusing!