Saturday, January 16, 2016

Dryer Sheets

A couple of months ago, I extolled the virtues of felted dryer balls to replace dryer sheets in the dryer. The benefits are they are reusable and have no toxic chemicals on or in them. They did work great up until now.  Clothes in the dryer, especially mixed loads of natural and synthetic fibers, come out with lots of static cling. I suspect low humidity due to the dry Winter weather.

I really wanted a more natural way of drying clothes. Yes, hanging clothes on a clothesline would eliminate static, but a clothesline isn't practical during a typical New England Winter. Looking around the natural cleaning products aisle in Target, I came across Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Dryer Sheets scented with Lemon Verbena. There was a Lavender flavor, but I'm sure Himself wouldn't want a floral scent to his clothes. The sheets are made from a paper, coated with "a vegetable-derived softening agent" and essential oils. After it is used, the dryer sheet can be recycled. Very green.

The dryer sheets work surprisingly well. There are 80 perforated sheets in a box. So you use half a sheet. My only comlaint is you have to tear the sheets in half yourself. They are a dollar or so more expensive than the national brands. However, they are toxin free and can be recycled so in my mind, that offsets the expense.