Sunday, November 2, 2008

Say It Ain't So

I am abostively heartsick. I saw a trailer for a movie. My favorite movie of all time. The Day the Earth Stood Still. It's been remade. That is so wrong! Like remaking Gone with the Wind. The trailer looks horrible. Gratuitous special effects.

The movie made in 1951 was based on a short story by Harry Bates,and directed by Robert Wise starring Michael Rennie and Patricia Neal. Looks like the new producer/director didn't bother to read the story or watch the film or to understand the significance of the film at the time it was made.

Made in 1951 at the height of the Cold War, this movie certainly touched the raw nerve of fears, invasion, the bomb and annihilation. Though a science fiction film, it's also an allegory with a message of hope. So important for the times and our own time too. Though the special effects are hokey by today's standards, the original story line still holds up.

A visitor to the planet brings a message, but he's shot, captured and held hostage. He escapes to get a sense of the people of planet Earth and relies on the help of an ordinary woman for an extradordinary task. To help him bring a message to the people of Earth.

The new trailer showed a leather-clad, government agent type Mary Sue amid explosions and special effects. Will I go see it? 'Spect I'll pass.

I have the real version on DVD.


  1. Perhaps at the very least, some child today will come to appreciate the story... I won't see it either.

  2. I like the original one too. And James votes 1951!