Tuesday, November 25, 2008


While picking stuff up, I came across The Young One's sketchbook. It was filled with wonderful pictures. Still life, mythical creatures, people in the anime style. I envied The Young One. There was obvious joy in the the pictures she created. I've wanted to fill a sketchbook for a long time. I've even started a couple, but end up being unhappy with what I've done. I wonder where the spontaneity has gone. As a kid, I used to draw and doodle all the time.

I've bought books on how to keep an art journal and I flip through the pages of the beautiful drawings and watercolor. But I hear a voice saying "you're not good", "you sux", "what an abortion you drew", "you're not good enough" so I abandon the sketchbook.

Not long ago, Erica shared with me an exercise she did at a writer's workshop. The participants where told to draw a picture of their inner editor and then seal the picture in an envelope. Then they were to write.

The idea made so much sense so today, I began the sketchbook with a picture of my inner critic. And just to be sure I can't hear her negative comments through the envelope, I sealed her mouth with a strip of duct tape.

Silence is golden. On the way to pick The Young One up at school, I thought of a song by the late Harry Chapin. Flowers Are Red. I added the chorus and the verse to my page as a reminder. You can listen to the song here.

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  1. Locking up the inner critic is really effective. I love the idea of the duct tape.