Monday, November 10, 2008

Wind Turbine

A blustery day on the second highest hill and the wind turbine happily spinning. The Young One's school has gone green and off the power grid with their own wind turbine. What a pleasant surprise on Sat. night while attending the drama club performance to have heat in the auditorium! Course I was dying of the heat because I had dressed in heavy layers expecting the auditorium to be like the inside of a freezer.


  1. neener neener neener...
    We considered turbines and one of our classes is building a smaller one, but sadly our buildings don't have the land allotment to allow for one that would provide worthwhile power. All our new buildings however are geothermal... Too bad it took us SO LONG to catch on to green-ways! (Yep, the Germans got there LONG before us!)

  2. At least with layers you can peel off a few...if you don't wear enough in the first're scrod.

  3. Wonder how much one of those turbine's cost? Am looking into windmill power here.

  4. Out in the green, P.C. state of Oregon, our power company gives us the option of "blue power." We signed up and all our power comes from the Columbia Gorge wind turbine farm.
    We're looking into solar energy, between fed & state incentives and grants, it may actually be affordable!