Thursday, November 13, 2008

What Breed of Horse Are You?

The majestic Andalusian, a brilliant white equine with kind eyes and a flowing mane. Your nature is very gentle and willing, and you are likely to perform movements in the haute ecole. You are generous and classical, your love of romance brings you to many places, especially in Europe. Your old-fashioned tastes are refreshing in this all-to-tacky modern world. A famous andalusian is Shadowfax, who appears in the second book (and movie) of Lord of the RingsYou will likely live in Spain or France and have a wealthy, possibly Royal, owner.Your coat colour is most likely: White, grey, or dapple

What breed of horse are you? Find out!


  1. So small, so cute, so shy... the miniature horse is a favourite with kids. You are quiet, and prefer to be with your parents or someone else you feel safe with. You are painfully polite... and everyone loves your big, watery eyes.
    You are likely owned by a family, and the children come to you every day to pet you and feed you treats. Sometimes, you are hitched to a small wagon for fun.
    You can be any colour that an equine can be.

  2. Turns out I'm a quarter horse...beloved of cowboys. :D