Saturday, November 29, 2008


Seven things about re-covering dining room chairs:

1. Martha Stewart made it look quick and easy. Martha lied.

2. The electric staple gun is wicked cool even if it's a right handed tool. The safety switch was under my left index finger so when I went to squeeze the trigger, the safety would engage.

3. Deciding to cover 6 chairs 4 days before a holiday is a stupid idea.

4. The hardest part of the job is removing the million and two staples from the seat frame to remove the old material.

5. Advil is a good friend.

6. The job goes easier with two pair of hands but can be managed by one.

7. Don't let anyone sit on the chairs after the job is completed so you never have to re-cover chairs ever again.


  1. These were great, and the chairs look fantastic too.

  2. Guys, we have to let the world know about the Nail Hunter, the fastest easiest staple puller that's ever existed, and it just came out!!!