Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wednesday Weigh-In

Almost forgot today is weigh in day. I'm up 2 pounds. The cheesecake I had last week caught up with me as did a bit of Halloween candy and those darn Cheeze-Its. It was a busy stressful week and the Cheeze-Its were too handy so I stress ate and ate. It didn't help that I didn't do much walking on the treadmill either. Back to the grind.


  1. Sigh...we'll do better this week. Want some of my salad???

  2. Um...salad isn't food. It's what food eats. (-;

  3. I was blessed by the Weight Loss Fairy this week and am down 2.8. I'm not quite sure how because the rock'n roll wedding AND Halloween were last week, but I'll light a candle in gratitude!