Thursday, November 20, 2008

Wednesday Weigh-In

A day late, a dollar short, and a two pound gain this week. I'd love to place the blame on the Bavarian Creme doughnut I had yesterday. My problem is I haven't been walking or drinking much water. With the cold weather, the last thing I reach for is water. It seems so, well, cold. I drink several cups of tea per day, but as I recall from WW meetings from several years ago, the caffeine negates the water and doesn't count towards a daily total. Is that rule still part of the WW plan? They suggested drinking decaf or herbal tea and each cup would count 1/2 of a water. I like a real robust cup of black tea. Decaf tastes very weak no matter how long it's steeped. I don't care for the fruit herbal teas or green tea, same complaint weak, though I do like cinnamon apple.

How was your progress and do you manage to drink all the water?

So this week I'll have to concentrate on walking more and drinking more water. Too bad WW doesn't make a one point Bavarian Creme doughnut.

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  1. Sorry, I like a nice decaff tea. That's what I drink in the winter. Plus, I'm a weak tea drinker. Strong tea is the same as coffee to me and I don't like either. It'll be cool... Can you wear tons of layers to sweat so much you have to drink more?