Friday, December 11, 2009

The Friday Five

Last week, I ranted about some of my pet peeves during the Christmas season. Today, five things I like about the Christmas season.

1. Ornaments. Wood. Glass. Home-made. Expensive. Inexpensive. Because my mother decorated our Christmas trees with 3 or 4 dozen of the same ornaments, I love variety. I started collecting ornaments when I was 15 yrs old when a friend made some ornaments for me. When I travel, I try to find a souvenir that can be hung from the Christmas tree. The most precious ornaments I have are the ones my girlies made for me when they were little.

2. Lights. Even though I whine about the electricity bill, I enjoy the display Himself puts up especially the candles in the window with the blue "flame". Looks like a Bunsen burner. What else would a chemist have? I love taking a ride to look at the houses decked out in lights. There's a house at the five corners, owned by an electrician, that has a zillion lights and figures in the yard. The lights are choreographed to music. He has his own radio station so you can sit in your car, watch the light show and listen to the music. He didn't put up his lights last year. I drove by the house before Thanksgiving and he was setting things up.

3. Making wreaths. I look forward to this activity. I make wreaths for my elderly neighbor, my folks, my home, and one for Himself to place at the cemetery for his folks. The layout of the wreaths tend to be the same year after year. Call it tradition instead of lack of imagination.

4. Christmas cards. Home-made, store bought, religious, secular. I look forward to making them and receiving them.

5. Cookies. I think this is the best part of the season. Making them and eating them.

What do you love best about Christmas?


  1. I've always love Christmas cards too. But each year I find that my stack keeps getting smaller and smaller. Either I'm losing touch with old friends, or the art of giving Christmas cards is slowly dying! I've gotten into the habit of writing a Christmas letter every year, but I'm behind on it this year and even wondered if I should do it! So I guess I'm just as guilty!

  2. I love ornaments! I have a huge variety, each one with a story or marking an occasion. I started collecting for each of my sons when they were born and now both have the start of a nice collection of their own once they are out with their own families. And of course, Christmas music and Christmas movies. I have a tape of CD of nearly every genre of music for Christmas and my own copy of a Christmas Carol (with Alistair Sims of course, the definitive Scrooge) -- they don't show this one on television anymore!

  3. I love decorating the tree and using ornaments from everywhere. It all started when we got married at Christmas time and several of our gifts had ornaments instead of bows and we also received several ornaments as gifts. I love the remembering when and who of each one, especially those the boys made in school. I have mostly one of a kind instead of matching ones. Have been putting a new one in the boys' stockings for a while now so they have some to start out with.

    I also like the baking, well, actually the eating, of Christmas goodies. I usually make enough to share with neighbors, co-workers, parties.

    My favorite part of all though is the Christmas Eve service at church in candlelight. On the way home we go looking at the lights.

  4. All the things you mentioned...and the Christmas Eve service at church.

    And knowing that the Annual New Year's Day Party is almost here!

  5. I love it ALL!!!!! My ornament collection is large. Mine started with my DAD picking one out each year to give to each of us at the church bazaar. He continues the tradition to this day, except it's not always the bazaar.

    Music, lights, cookies, good will, cards, I LOVE IT ALL!