Monday, May 7, 2012

Chalk It Up

I've always wanted blue hair. No, not like your grandma's blue hair, but cobalt blue hair. It's hard to dye dark hair with bright colors, and I don't want to strip my hair. I don't really want bright blue hair that would make me look as if I'm having a huge mid-life crisis. A few years ago, I did have blue hightlights done to my hair. Spent hours sitting in the chair as the stylist pulled strands of hair through holes in a plastic cap. Waited while she spread blue goop over the strands and waited for the dye "to take". When all was said and done,  I had blue highlights, but only I could tell. The dye didn't last as long as I hoped, and I didn't want to keep up with the expense.

Last week on Good Morning America, I saw a segment on chalking hair. Using chalk on wet hair, you color strands whatever color your little heart desires. In the how to, the color was set with a curling iron, but short hair and a curling iron don't mix so I used a bit of hair gel and a blow dryer. Also, a more vibrant color is obtained using artist pastels, but ordinary sidewalk chalk would work, too. The chalk washes out easily though you may want to use a good conditioner as well since the chalk really dries out the hair.

Now I can have blue or any other color hair whenever I want without the expense.

Do you color your hair?


  1. Yep, I do, but not blue. At last you get your blue highlights! :)

  2. I used to spend BIG $$$ to get my hair highlighted. Now nature does it for free! (or maybe it’s the kids who have done it! LOL) But I want to add a streak of pink (ala Kellie Nina Perkins.)

  3. I am considering dark purple for conference....