Friday, May 18, 2012

The Friday Five


1. My head hurts

2. My face hurts

3. If I turn my head a little, I feel dizzy and nauseous

4. The back of my neck hurts

5. If I wear my glasses, the pressure on either side of my nose magnifies all the above symptoms.

I think it's a sinus headache due to a low pressure off the East coast. I had such high hopes for today, but productivity at least for the morning just went down the tubes.  I hate being a barometer.

 Do weather patterns effect how you feel?


  1. 23 years ago I broke my foot. Since then that place will ache when a major change of weather is afoot (get it, hahaha.) My kids think is it funny when I tell them I can feel it in my bones that the weather is changing, like I'm really old or something.

    And yeah, the last few years I can feel it in my head too, but not as bad as you describe.

    Hope you get feeling better.

  2. :( about the bad headache.

    Like Linda, I broke my ankle and it's a pretty good barometer of when the weather's changing.

    The older I get, the more I seem to be susceptible to pressure-change headaches.

  3. The last two days I've felt exactly the same way! So that's what it is. I'm a human barometer? Nice to have a diagnosis, thanks. And I hope we both feel better soon!