Thursday, May 24, 2012

Double Nickel Club

I heard Uno's was having a special for people over 55 called The Double Nickel Club. It's a Wednesday special. Eat what you want and get a percentage off the bill.

Himself and I had lunch at Uno's yesterday. My reward for sifting through stuff at the old homestead. I like Uno's. Good comfort food. I always end up getting the same thing, the Chicago Classic (deep dish pizza with sausage) and a side salad. Uno's doesn't ruin the salad by topping it with nasty cheddar cheese shreds.

We didn't see any sort of advertisement for The Double Nickel Club even though it was Wednesday.  Table cards hawked get a gift card for Dad or Grad and get a gift card for yourself. Nothing about Double Nickels. We asked about it when the waitress came to clear the table and bring the bill.

"Oh, yes, you get a percentage off your meal." She turned to head to the kitchen.

"Don't you need to look at our license?"

"Nope," she smiled eyeing the snow on our roof.

The bill came with a whoppingly generous 30% off.

Himself frowned.

"Something wrong?"

"No. I just don't know whether to be pleased with the discount or to wonder when the hell did we get old enough to get a senior discount."


  1. That was Pastor Kevin's response when he got an AARP card in the mail. Yay for discounts, boo for qualifying for discounts. :D

  2. Ah, it’s a double edged sword! LOL