Monday, February 25, 2013

Graceful Envelope from Start to Finish - Part 2

In past years, I've sometimes made my own envelope. Usually, I find a blank envelope the size I want to use in the makings for greeting card box. That's what I did this time around. The back of the envelope isn't judged.

I cut a scrap of better quality paper, whatever my hand finds in the scrap box. I used a piece of Arches 90 lb hot press, watercolor paper which when the design is completed I will glue to the front of the envelope. I use this method because 1.) greeting card envelopes are not usually made from high quality paper, and 2.) the fear factor is taken away because if I make a mistake, I won't blow the envelope. I can always cut another sheet of paper for the front of the envelope.

To address envelopes, I always use an acrylic ink either Ziller or F. W. The acrylic ink won't run if the envelope is delivered on a rainy day or the postal carrier has sweaty hands. (-;

I wanted to paint a textured background for this design using gouache, an opaque watercolor, and plastic wrap. Laying scrunched up plastic wrap over the wet paint creates interesting crystal like patterns when the paint dries. When the paint dried, I used black or blue ink to see which showed up and which I liked better. The gouache background was too bold so I decided regular watercolors would give a more subtle background.

Rather than paint a school bus, I decided to draw, color, and cut the bus out. The cut out would give the envelope some depth and whimsy.

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  1. That bus looks adorable! Can't wait to see this finished!