Friday, February 8, 2013

The Friday Five.

This past month, I've been without a washing machine. Got me thinking about things that I really miss and can't live without.

1. I miss my washing machine. I don't mind doing the laundry. It's not like you have to go down to the river to beat your wash against a rock to get it clean or to scrub your clothes on a washboard. Put in a load, add soap, press a few buttons and ta-da clean clothes.  What a pain in the ( ! ) to lug laundry to the laundromat. It's just not a Little Princess thing to do. Hopefully, by the time you are reading this, the washing machine will have been repaired now that Sears finally got around to sending all the parts the repairman needs. He was here on 30. Jan. Arrived on time, and found, though he ordered all the parts he needed, the parts department didn't send them all. (Update: The washing machine was repaired Wed. morning. Thank you, J and A.

2. The same week the washer went on the fritz, I ran out of Tetley tea. I had some decaf tea, I keep on hand for my friend, Red, but it just wasn't the same. More like drinking colored, hot water.

3. Ice storms across the Midwest brought a wind storm here. A huge tree two houses up the road went down taking the power lines with it. It wasn't so much the loss of electricity for a few hours that was the problem, it's not having electricity to power the well pump to have water to flush the toilet. The joys of living in the Back o' Bourke as my Ozzie friends would say.

4. During the past few storms and power outages, the iPad has proven to be a much used tool in the storm preparation kit. I've been able to report power outages to the electric company and to follow their updates on Twitter as to when service will be returned. It also helps to whine on status updates about my plight.

5. I also like the comfort of aloe and lotion in my facial tissue and because I'm such a Little Princess toilet paper has to be soft and fluffy, too.

What things can't you live without?


  1. Hhhhmmm, good question. I couldn't live without my curling iron. I have such straight, flat hair that needs a lot of help to look decent.

    Also my cell phone. I love that little thing that lets me text my kids at any given moment. They will text me back when a lot of times they wouldn't call.

  2. This little princess never takes her washing machine for granted! The laundromat is the pits. I'm so glad yours is fixed!

    I also have specific tea tastes. I'm out of my favorite and will be making a special trip to the store soon. :)

    Have a great weekend!

  3. LOL! I really would miss my dryer too. And my coffee maker. And this little princess likes nice fluffy toilet paper too! LOL

  4. Ugh! The Laundromat is ALMOST as bad as the river and a rock! Glad it’s back in working order. My list would be much too long for this comment!

  5. Oh, man. Not having a washing machine is the pits. Hope its fixed.