Friday, August 30, 2013

The Friday Five

Himself is a loyal Boston Red Sox fan. I watch the games with him more for the company than the sport. The slow pace of the game makes watching paint dry seem exciting.Lately, I've been learning a new language from  guest color commentator, and former Red Sox pitcher, Dennis Eckersley. Who knew you would need a Rosetta Stone to understand Eck? Five Eck phrases:

1. Going bridge: hitting a home run

2. Moss: hair whether it's on the head or face.

3. Cheese usually high cheese: a fastball thrown high in the strike zone.

4. Salad: an easy to hit pitch.

5. Hump: a fastball that jumps up

Do you know any other baseball jargon?


  1. One of my favorites is: "Can of Corn."

  2. Okay, now I want to know what "Can of Corn' means! LOL

  3. Ok, Erica, you need to tell us the translation of Can of Corn

  4. A high, easy pop-fly to the outfield. The name comes from the old-time mercantile stores that would stack pyramids of canned goods high on the shelves. The proprietor would hold out his apron, use a long stick, and tip the top can off the shelf. He'd make an easy catch with his apron, therefore, an easy catch in the outfield is referred too as a "Can of Corn."