Sunday, January 19, 2014

Secret Life of Walter Mitty

When Himself asked me what movie I wanted to go see I said The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. I thought the movie would be closely based on the classic James Thurber short story. Hen-pecked Walter Mitty who escapes his shrewish wife in the secret world of his imagination. Instead, director/actor, Ben Stiller, dusted the story off, and gave it a modern twist. He also turned the story into a sweet romantic comedy.Sweet romantic comedy is not usually our movie fare.

Surprisingly, the movie was enjoyable. If Mitty were a color, he'd be beige. Functional, but dull. At least, that's the world's perception of him. Mitty's secret? He is boldly colorful if he chooses to be, and only a handful of people know it.

This is a perfect date movie. Sweetly entertaining with enough action to keep action and adventure lovers from squirming in their seats.

If you have never read Thurber's short story, you can read it here

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  1. LOL I had to laugh at the 'beige' comment. Someone once asked Husband to describe me and that's the word he used!
    I have always loved Walter Mitty, that's why I didn't want to see this movie. I was afraid they'd ruin it. I may try it now that you've reviewed it, thanks! ;)