Thursday, August 28, 2014

The New Blog

Welcome! The new blog came about all because Herself was ordering new business cards. The domain and email were cjkennedyink, but the blog and twitter were ponyexpress. She decided all the domains and names should match. As if, it really matters, but you know humans. Once they get an idea in their heads, they're like a dog chasing its tail. Round and round. Tsk.

So Herself spent the afternoon and evening exporting the blog and importing the blog into this new site. Then she had to tweak the html so the old blog would automatically redirect to here. Then LinkedIn was changed, and Twitter. And it's all been a huge bore. I've been on my chair languishing away, and  she hasn't even paid attention to me. Deep sigh. Forlorn look. I guess I'll just have to leave a present in front of the bedroom door.


  1. :) Love the new digs, Ink. And CJ

  2. Nice background and of course, Ink is quite gorgeous.

  3. Your new blog home is very nice! Ink looks totally unimpressed about it all but I feel your pain with all the related changes. :(