Sunday, January 18, 2015

Happy Buddha

Friday, The Young One and I had another session with Master Beef at his Master in the Morning class. It was freezing cold in the dojo when we first arrived. The sun came out, and like cats we stood in a patch of sunlight to keep warm.

We got some more Wu Chi poses. Not as bad as last week. We weren't doing as many reps until arms fell off and legs buckled. As I moved into the pose, feet in a horse stance, arms overhead, palms up, and fingers of both hands pointing to each other, I started to laugh. We weren't working in front of the mirrors, but the pose reminded me of the Happy Buddha. I even composed a Haiku.

Standing in the sun
At Master in the Morning.
Breathing in Chi Gong

Odd little poem because we were in a Wu Chi pose and not doing Chi Gong at that moment. Also, the poem form is Japanese and Wu Chi and Chi Gong are both Chinese exercises. No matter. The energy is the same whether it is Chi (Chinese) or Ki (Japanese). It's all good.

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  1. And I bet you were just as cute doing it as your Buddha! :)