Sunday, January 25, 2015

Storm Prep - Part 1

The weather dudes are hyping another Winter storm. Snow totals are expected to be close to two feet. The areas closest to the coast (not me, but where my folks lived and Himself teaches school) are in a blizzard area. So while I have the time, I'll begin the storm preparations. It seems when I do the storm prep, the storm is never as bad as predicted or fizzles.

So, I've placed the lanterns where they'll be needed. One in the bathroom, one for the kitchen/living room, and one that I carry around with me like Diogenes looking for an honest man.

The wind up radio has been dusted off, tested and tuned to a news channel.

There are goodies for the chickie, but if I put them out now, they will disappear. I bought extra goodies for the storm we had over the weekend and hid them in a safe place. I hope I can remember where.

The portable charger is being charged now. If we lose electricity, we'll be able to keep the phones and iPad charged.

Today, I'll also make a list of the things needed to be done.

We'll need milk and more batteries for the lanterns. I only found a handful of AA batteries. Himself is shoveling snow now. He'll go out later to get milk, batteries, and gas for the generator.

I'll be baking a couple of loaves of bread.

Water buckets will have to be filled so we can flush the toilet in the event of a power outage. The joys of living in a rural area. No electricity, no power to the well. No well. No water.

Water pitchers will have to be filled for drinking water. There's plenty of hot chocolate and tea for a hot beverage. Himself will bring the small microwave downstairs. That can be hooked up to the generator to heat food and drinks. Will have to add coffee pods to the shopping list. The Eldest is almost out of coffee.

Prissy called. I'll be running over there later today to pick up her trash. She said her daughter is coming to pick her up. She'll be at her daughter's for the storm. A relief as I won't have to worry if she's okay all by her lone during the storm.

There's Pop Tarts, peanut butter, jam, cheese to tide us over.

I think that's it for now. What are you doing today?


  1. Sounds like you're ready! (not to rub it in or anything but I spent the day with Mah Baaaabies at the beach for my B'day!)

  2. My word, you're well organized.
    I can only imagine the lovely snow scenes you will be getting and being extremely glad I'm not in the middle of them like you are!
    Good Luck. :)