Monday, October 12, 2015

Buon Compleanno, Papa

Today, is my maternal grandfather's 124th birthday. He was born on 12. October 1891 in Ariano di Puglia (now Ariano Irpino). Sadly, I never knew him as he passed away 8 years before I came along.

He doted on my mother. When she was working and still single, they used to go to the movies together on Saturday. His favorite genre was Westerns. (That's where I get it from). After the movies, they would go for coffee and custard pie (I like custard pie, too, but not coffee). Since my mother was earning money, he used to make her pay for their pie and coffee every other week.

Happy Birthday, Grandpa.


  1. Aww...sounds like your mom had a great childhood. He was a good looking gentleman.
    My grandmother and I used to go out for pie. I always got coconut. Good memories.

  2. Happy Birthday Grandpa! (He looks good for 124! lol)