Monday, October 5, 2015

Writing on the Wall - Preparation

The wall project has begun. Under the watchful eye of Oola, the cat, with an occasional peek from Boots, the dog, I took measurements and ruled chalk lines on the wall. I used a level.

I wasn't able to plan the layout of the quotations ahead of time. I had to make note of wall outlets and furniture. A bookcase will be going against the long wall (to the left of this photo). That picture came out blurry. Lines were wrapped around so quotes on that wall will line up.

I wrote out the long quote by the window with chalk. This will give me an idea of spacing, and if necessary, "holes" can be filled with suitable decoration. There's an outlet at the bottom of the wall, and because of it's placement, I wasn't able to fit the entire quote,  I have made notations and lines to begin the quote higher up.

Time to complete this part of the project. 4 hours.