Sunday, October 11, 2015

Writing on the Wall - Phase 1

Photograph by homeowner as I forgot to take
The actual writing on the wall phase has begun. The first of four quotes was written on the wall.. The writing fluid is a Velspar latex wall paint. I forgot the name of the color.  Written with a size 14 flat brush in Uncial (commonly known as Celtic). The quote is a selection from On Raising Your Daughter Made of Fire. (The site appears to be down so I can't link to the poem/essay at the time)

Writing went fairly smooth. A little tight in the corner for a Southpaw (-; The quote was first written out and then edges were retouched with a smaller brush.

It's a nice project. Fun to write on the walls and not get your hand slapped. The home owner is working downstairs and the house is quiet. Just the way I like to work. I prefer to work in silence. Can't really work with music in the background unless it's classical. If the music has lyrics, I'm apt to write along.

The homeowner's are laid back and I'm not being rushed. There are still 3 quotes to be written on the long wall to the left.

Time spent: 3.5 hours.

Total time for the project so far: 7.5 hrs