Monday, September 27, 2010


The rose bushes didn't do so hot this year. What the hail storm didn't destroy, the beetles did. I was thinking of digging the bush up. Roses are so fussy. No amount of dusting/soaping/spraying keeps the beetles and bugs away.The year we put out a beetle trap, we must have attracted every beetle from three counties. I was very surprised to find a rose and a rosebud on the bush. Clipped the rose and put it in a glass vase. This drawing done with watercolor pencils.

Any late roses blooming in your garden?


  1. The problem with my garden is that I start out all enthusiastic and gung-ho in the spring, planting, weeding, digging, watering, fertilizing...

    then it gets hot, the bugs come out, the weeds grow faster than I can pull them, everything needs deadheaded, and I start contemplating the benefits of a rock garden and plastic flowers over petunias and pansies.


  2. LOL I've been thinking of putting sand in all the beds, a few stones, and having a Japanese Zen Garden.