Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I love eating out. Breakfast, lunch, dinner. Fine dining. Chain restaurants. Fast food.  It doesn't matter. Someone makes something delicious I want and places it under my nose.

What I don't like about eating out is a hovering waitstaff. I hate being asked if everything is alright with my meal just as I'm chewing my first forkful. I wish restaurant management would train their waitstaff to take a more European approach. Take my order, deliver it to me hot and in a timely fashion, then leave me  alone to enjoy my meal and the company of my companions. If something isn't right with my meal or the service, I'll be sure to signal the waitstaff or the manager.

Do you like the waitstaff constantly at your elbow?


  1. With the combination of food and service = Happy customers. :)

  2. Hate that! (and you're right, they wait until the first forkfull to ask! Sort of like your dentist asking questions when you have a mouthful of their hands! LOL)