Monday, January 13, 2014

Brought to You By The Letter B

I was given the letter "B"

Something I hate: bugs especially of the spider variety

Something I like: bagels. I'm partial to cinnamon-raisin bagels with honey walnut cream cheese if someone wants to buy me breakfast, sometime. "-:

A place I have been:  Boston, Massachusetts (like duh!)

Someone I like: I can't think of anyone with a letter B. There's Humphrey Bogart, and I know that Andy will shake his head in disgust when I say, I'm not a Bogart fan. I liked Bogart well enough in Casablanca. Really liked him in The Caine Mutiny and We're No Angels, but Bogart was never one of my favorites. Does Bob Redford count? He's going to be in the next Captain America movie coming out in April.

A place I'd like to go: Bavaria. Yeah, kind of a cheat. I visited there a long time ago. Would like to go back to see Munich, F├╝ssen, and Garmisch-Partenkirchen. What do you say, Frau, will you be taking your kids next year?

And a favorite movie: Broken Lance starring Spencer Tracy, Richard Widmark, and a baby Robert Wagner

If you like this post and want to play, I will give you a letter!


  1. Something I hate : Brushes with one awkward hair that splatters without warning
    Something I like : Blue Skies
    Place I have been : Barbican, Plymouths old harbour area full of history and home to the Pilgrims' Mayflower Steps.
    Someone I like : The new Doctor, he's gorgeous but I may be biased ;)
    Place I'd like to go : To collect the big lotto win.
    Favourite Movie : David Niven's "A Matter of Life and Death"
    Hey, that was fun!

    1. Lesley, as to the new Doctor, nbr. 12., I'm sure he'll be Brilliant as you would say. The first Doctor I met was nbr. 9, and I wish Eccleston had a longer run. I really liked him. Nbr. 11 was an entertaining Doctor, but he wasn't my Doctor. My hearts belong to The Doctor, Nbr 10

    2. Wholeheartedly agree with you. Love Tennant's Doctor and still watching the repeats.
      My first Doctor was Trouton, from behind the couch. So scared I wasnt allowed to watch it again!
      I think I wandered away from the "B" theme there...

  2. I like your post but I'll pass on playing. Thanks anyway ;)