Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Flying Goose

The doctor told the Young One that she needed to exercise her shoulder. We thought the gentle movement of Chi Gong and Wu Chi exercises would be good. We went to see former instructor (The Young One is a 2nd degree black belt) and friend, Master Beef (6th degree black belt). I went along for the ride because I could stand to use a bit of exercise.

Chi Gong is a practice of breathing, tuning body and mind.. The movements consist of gentle motion while breathing to strengthen and stimulate internal energy.

All of the exercise are done in a horse stance. Feet are shoulder width apart, toes pointing forward, knees bent as if you're sitting on a stool.

All of the exercises had descriptive names. The names are meant to help you remember the movements.

We used ridged hands to describe circles in the air in front of us. This one didn't really have a name so I call it Ridge Hand Snowmen. Repeat the movements until your arms fall off.

The next exercise was called Iron Wire. This started with pushing an immovable object. Streching arms and muscles and tendons of the chest (the Iron Wire) out to the sides. Remember keep your elbows up and breath. You bring your hands together in front of youin prayer position with thumbs touching your heart. Breath and pray that the exercise will be over soon.[-O<  Open hands with index fingers touching and thumbs touching so the space between your hands looks like a triangle, called Eye of the Tiger. Try not to fix your gaze on the unflattering figure in the mirror in front of you. Repeat the entire exercise until your arms fall off and your thigh muscles are screaming.

We had to Pick Fruit reaching up to the top and behind our head. You couldn't pick the easy fruit in front of you. If you did, Master Beef came and adjusted your arms. Flies must feel this way when someone rips off their wings. Repeat until your arms fall off, and your thigh muscles are screaming.

Then we did Flying Goose. Feet in horse stance, Bring ams to the sides outstretched, shoulders back. Arms up at 45o angle, wrists relaxed and limp. As your arms move up, rise from the horse stance. On the downward movement sink back into the horse stance. Be graceful. Breathe. Imagine yourself flying. Repeat until your arms and thighs start screaming and your flying goose turns into a dying goose. Remember, there's no crying in martial arts.

After this we were given a Wu Chi exercise. Wu Chi is the "art of no movement" No worries. I'm a master at this. I can sit still and do nothing all day. All of the exercises are done in a static pose. From a side horse stance, we had to imagine we were in a stream of running water. When all of a sudden you notice a ball coming at you. Extend your front hand to hold the ball back and the other hand is up. Hold he fingers of your other hand to look like a crane's beak. You arms should follow a straight line one hand to the other like a see-saw. Now stand there all day doing nothing.@-) Repeat to the other side because it's all about balance Yin. Yang.

After class and at home, I did Woo Cheeze. This involves taking a dose of ibuprofen followed by crawling into bed and not moving. Master of Doing Nothing All Day.


  1. No crying in martial it:)

  2. Is there one called 'Glutton for Punishment'? See, this is why I don't believe in exercise!