Saturday, August 27, 2016

Star Trek Beyond

Our discussion after seeing the movie:

Me: I loved it!


Me: What's the matter? Didn't you like it?

Himself: It was okay, but there was no character development.

Me: The characters are already developed. The writers/producer/director rely on the fact you have 40 years of knowing these characters.

Himself: But there was no story.

Me: But they blew stuff up!

Himself: Yeah, that was cool, but there was no character arc even though it was casually mentioned for two of the major characters.

Me: Wasn't necessary. You knew what the outcome was going to be. Besides, they blew stuff up and Bones was the hero! Good enough for me.

I loved this latest installment in the Star Trek pantheon. There was a nice homage to the original cast. No surprise, I'm still drawn to the character of Dr. McCoy. Karl Urban does a remarkable job of bringing Bones to life.  He has captured the nuances of the character perfectly. While I enjoy Urban's performance, my heart will always reside with De Kelley.


  1. I'm sorry to say they lost me along the line...... :-/

  2. I think what bothered me about this one was that they didn't open with an action scene like they did the last two.
    I got to admit I really like this cast: Karl Urban, CHRIS PINE:), etc.

    1. The new cast has wonderful chemistry just like the original

  3. Nope. There is no Kirk and no Spock without Shatner and Nimoy. The people they have filling in the roles are merely doing impressions, and while the Spock guy is okay the Kirk guy is way off. Not for me CJ. I'll stick with the original episodes.