Friday, August 26, 2016

The Friday Five Good Things

Five good things that happened this week.

1. Our anniversary celebration included an outing to Tower Hill Botanic Garden and lunch on the patio at Twigs.

2. The Grackles came back. Haven't seen them the past couple of years.They usually make their appearance in the Fall. Dozens of them swoop down from the trees to enjoy grazing on the seed by the bird feeder.

3. Felt like Chinese food, but wanted something different than the place we usually go. A couple of months ago, my friend, Andy Fish, recommended Star Dumplings in Millbury.  We dropped in to place a take-out order. The restaurant was clean. The food is reasonably priced and tasted so fresh. I fell in love with the beef buns.So cute. The Eldest and I also enjoyed bubble tea, iced tea with tapioca drops (the bubbles) in a variety of flavors. I had coconut and she had honey dew. Both delicious.

4. Himself moved the refrigerator and stove so I could wash the floor underneath the appliances. Yup, he's a keeper

5.  Age has its privilege. Himself and I went to Senior Wednesday at Blackstone Valley Cinema to see Ben Hur. Seniors over 60 receive reduced ticket price and a discounted small popcorn and drink. Then 55 Club lunch at Uno's  though the club has changed. We used to get 30% off the bill but the percentage has dropped to 25%. Still a good deal.

How was your week?


  1. Loved Tower Hill and Twigs! Happy that I was able to go there with you... special day with you and my sister! Today was awesome too, loved the Art and Architecture Tour at BPL and afternoon tea.. happy to share the experience with you! You're a keeper too! ����

  2. We have a restaurant around the corner that gives 20%-50% off Monday through Friday 2-4PM....good food.... it's a dangerous