Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Waters Farm

The Farmhouse

Friday, Red had a change of walk venue surprise for me. She's a board member for the Waters Farm Preservation in Sutton, Massachusetts.

Red had a few things to check on at the farm. She figured she could kill two birds with one stone. Take care of business and get our walk in at the same time.

Waters Farm was built in 1757 by Stephen Waters. The  original 1,000 acre farm was an apple orchard and the Sutton Beauty apple was cultivated. This apple was prized for its hardiness as it could stand up to the rigors of being shipped from Sutton to England without rotting before reaching its destination.

Over time, the farm land was sold. In the mid-1970s, Dorothea Waters Moran gave the town of Sutton the last 120 acres with the original farmhouse. The Waters Farm Preservation is dedicated to preserving the agricultural roots of the community and the beautiful countryside. Check the link above for upcoming events.

View of Lake Manchaug from the front of the house
The Memorial Garden dedicated to those who have volunteered their time to the WFP

Sun dial

Stone wall and advertisement for a stone mason

Queen Anne's Lace blooms despite the drought

Granite Quarry

Dinner Bell? Fire Bell?

Drought and Gypsy Moth Catepillars take its toll on the Sutton Beauty apple tree

Kitchen Herb Garden

Well and pump

Perennial Garden outside the Darling Barn where events are held

Stone wall with plowshares

Walk up through the field and back to the house

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