Sunday, June 10, 2007

7 Random Wonders About Moi

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My friend, Alesia, tagged me. I've been tagged before, but in the spirit of good sportsmanship, I'll try to come up with 7 different facts I've never mentioned.

1. I'm a hooker, Southpaw, kackhanded, lefthander. Yup, that's me, the devil's spawn. Devil I attended parochial school, just the place you want to be when you're lefthanded. I was fortunate the nuns didn't force me to write with my right hand. During penmanship classes, Sister would walk up and down the aisles, and if she saw my paper tilted the "wrong" way, she would yank the paper and turn it the way a right handed person would slant their paper. I'm a hooker because of the nuns.

2. I hate clowns, actually I'm afraid of clowns. Clown I was visiting Knott's Berry Farm with my friend, Alice. It was during March so not many people were there. A clown was approaching us, and I made Alice cross the street so we wouldn't have to interact with IT. The fear came from a hideous bank my cousin, Robert had. It was red and white plastic in the style of a 19th c. clown. You put a coin on the clown's palm, pulled the pom pom on his hat and he flipped the coin into his mouth. When I was very little and we visited, I had to take a nap in Robert's room, and the clown with that hideous grin would be staring at me.

3. I hate cheese. Hate the texture of raw cheese, like cheese and crackers cheese. I will eat some cheese though it must be cooked. Mozzarella on pizza is ok, as is ricotta cheese in ravioli or lasagna. Grated cheese on pasta is ok too, but that's it.

4. Many know of my obsession with cowboys. Two years ago while attending a conference in Dallas, my friend Laura took me to my first rodeo. The first thing I commented on when we entered the arena was "What a gawdawful smell!" I may love cowboys, but Little Princess that I am, prefer my cowboys and their animals sanitized! Cowboy

5. In college, I changed majors like most people changed socks. I started out as pre-med. The year I entered college it was more fashionable for pre-meds to major in psychology instead of biology or chemistry. All freshman psych majors at the college were assigned a big brother or sister. When my big brother a 4.0 student, doing distinction work (mini-thesis), and GRE scores in the heavens was rejected by Duke (the college, not John Wayne), I decided as an incredibly average student it would be best for me to change majors. I went to the English department. I studied Medieval English literature. Course when I graduated school, most employers were not impressed I could read 3 different dialects of Middle English. I ended up going to Control Data Institute and became a computer programmer so I could earn a living and feed myself.

6. You would think someone who loves cowboys and Westerns would be an avid horseback rider. Besides the horses outside the grocery store, I've only ridden a horse one time. A high school friend was an equestrienne and into dressage. She invited me to a show. Her friend, had a companion horse called Amy and she asked if I would like to exercise Amy. Amy was a comfortable plow horse. I was assured Amy was very gentle. Riding Amy would be like riding a bicycle without pedals. Yank on the left rein to turn left, right rein to turn right, pull back to make her stop, kick her with your heels to make her go forward. Sounded pretty easy. They boosted me onto Amy's back. She was a lovely ol' gal and shaped like a barrel. My little legs stuck straight out on either side of her. We were walking through a field, doing ok, when Amy caught a whiff of her companion, Russell T. Boomer getting a snack. She turned on a dime, and raced clear across the field without so much as a by your leave to me yanking back on the reins to slow her down! She tore up the grass with me bumping on her back and trying to hang on. Horseback Riding

7. Most people expect my all time favorite movie would be a Western, and they'd be dead wrong. My number one favorite movie of all time is The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951)starring Michael Rennie and Patricia Neal. It can be enjoyed on so many levels, as a sci-fi movie, as an allegory. I never get tired of seeing it. I still get goosebumps when Gort opens his visor and the laser flashes or Klaatu tells the assembled scientists, if they don't tell their leaders to shape up, "We'll reduce your Earth to a burned out cinder."


  1. Wow ... really surprised about the 7 tings we didn't know about you. I know alot of people that are afraid of clowns -- my neice being one of them. She is 19 now, and still afraid. Thanks to my father and Stephen Kings "IT" she is scarred for life.

  2. Just goes to show you are a deeper person than you seem on the surface. :) My cousin, Andy, is deathly afraid of clowns at 36. He had this jack in the box with a clown that popped up. We saw one once in an antique shop and he almost fainted on the spot.

    My worst fear use to be something really, really weird. And nope, I'm not telling.

  3. "I studied Medieval English literature. Course when I graduated school, most employers were not impressed I could read 3 different dialects of Middle English"~~~LMAO! still it's soo koo that u can! :D I don't care for clowns either. I remember when I was small, my mom took I and my brother's to the circus. During this intermission, we went to the food stands and somehow, I lost my mom and brothers. I remember standing there looking around at all the huge ppl(adults)and then this clown with this really huge orange fuzzy wig on, comes up to me and grabs my hand. OMG! and he started to pull me into this restroom that was there a few feet behind me!! I remember kicking and screaming my lungs out and this one woman came over and got me away from that clown. Long story this day I HATE CLOWNS! AND I'VE NEVER EVER ATTENDED ANOTHER CIRCUS AFTER THAT. I don't care for cheese unless its on pizza and from you, I am starting to watch all the old black and white fall asleep