Thursday, June 28, 2007

Virtual Lunch

Yesterday, my friend, Tam, from The Land of Here There Be Dragons and I shared a virtual lunch. I thought we would be chatting on IM, but Yahoo Messenger was having problems so we used the old-fashioned, but reliable telephone.

The plan was to eat lunch and watch a Big Valley episode. We chose "The Challenge" because it's an episode that for some reason or other was left out of the lineup when it was shown on Butchermark. Neither one of us wanted to be chomping in the other's ear, so we ate lunch before chatting.
Tam and I cued our DVD and watched the episode while making snide comments. It's also helpful that we each like a different hero.
The episode was written by Margaret Armen who also wrote episodes for Star Trek. I thought it was funny to hear two of Dr. McCoy's lines. "I'm a jurist, not a photographer." Bones was always saying things like "I'm a doctor not a brick layer." Then there was the ubiquitous: "He's dead, Jim." ROTFL
Tam, a country girl, was amazed I could recognize that Misty Girl was really Misty Boy. I spotted the dingle. She asked if that was what it would be called on the subway. Told her I couldn't use any of the words it would be called on the subway as she would turn 4 shades of red. Embarrassed
As to Misty Girl being Misty Boy, no wonder the Barkley children never married. Ma Barkley wasn't able to correctly tell them the story of the birds and the bees. We just slay us. ROTFL

Thanks for a fun break, Tam. We'll have to do it again sometime.


  1. there was a panther in that shot? :-"

    Hee hee hee...I had a great time.

    Outlaws of a feather...

  2. Sounds like you gals had a great lunch! I would have loved to join you instead of watching my brood of kids. And I never noticed that Misty Girl is a boy. LOL!


  3. umm, this was all before my time. lol. I'd have to go to the library or video store to view all these really old shows. lol....noticed that one guy "NIC?" was a cutie! and had a laugh when you pointed out your dreamboat in his TIGHT WHITE PANTS...lmao!