Sunday, June 3, 2007


My friend, Erica, was telling me about a shower gift she was giving to a friend. We got to talking about shower and wedding gifts. She told me about a wedding gift she got. A beautiful angel music box that plays "Hark the Herald" She described the angel and I asked if the angel by any chance was holding a censer. Yes, on a gold chain. Erica said the angel had a rust colored dress and gray wings.I laughed and told her I had the same music box. It was a Christmas gift my dad gave to me when I was newly married. He gave one to my mother and to my sister in law too.
Unfortunately for me, Mitty, our first cat, jumped up on the piano and knocked the angel over. The tips of her fingers chipped.


  1. That's her! Guess I won't bother taking mine to Antiques Roadshow. LOL

    Tooooo funny!

  2. And did it have "Made in China" on the bottom??
    Lovely angel even if it's not an heirloom.

  3. Scary ironic... Disney had it right, "it's a small, small world."