Saturday, June 23, 2007

Clean and Ye Shall Find

For months, I have been searching for a small book I altered. It contained notes and examples on how to alter a book. I looked everywhere and still could not find the book. Perturbed
Today, I've been cleaning the laundry area and the computer area so the contractor will be able to get to the bathroom floor and when the bathroom is done move the washer and dryer upstairs into the bathroom.
So, I've been cleaning, tossing, and moving stuff. I moved a couple of cartridge boxes for the laser printer and what did I find on the floor behind them? You guessed it in the cheap seats! The little book!
And the first thing I did after I scanned the cover? Put the book where it belongs with all the books on altering books.


  1. it's like a little reward for all your hard work. congrats on finding it. it's cute.

  2. You didn't find the woodpecker book, did you?

  3. DId you find my two missing DVD's too?