Friday, June 8, 2007

Coming Together

I probably shouldn't blog this so as not to jinx our luck, but....seems like the bathroom projects is starting to come together. We took a trip to the plumbing supply place, and got a run down on the estimate for the fixtures. Turns out to be almost half what we thought it would be Wakka WakkaSince we bought so much from them, they gave a very generous discount. Also, since this is the second start on this project, the first plumber had ordered the shower kit and toilet. Those items have been sitting in storage since Jan! The sink, vanity, fixtures will take three weeks to come in, but the contractor will have enough stuff to keep him busy on his start date. Smile

Long before I met Neptune(my 360 friend), I had decided the theme for the bathroom would be mermaids. I found some mermaid hooks and thought those would be fun instead of towel bars. I saw some in resin which I liked, but waited too long and one of the mermaids, the blue one I liked best, was discontinued. She who hesitates! Found the ones pictured and decided I liked these better. (Tam, you'll have to have Miss Mossflower knit bandeau tops for the mermaids should you come to visit. Too Funny ) Not only is there a mermaid, but there is also a Neptune hook. Liked the idea that Himself would have a hook of his own to hang his towel on. Besides replacing towel bars, I plan to use 2 mermaids to hold up the curtain rod for the window.

Som beautiful mermaid paintings have been done by David Delamare. Besides having prints of his work for sale, he also has available tile murals. Thought a mural would be pretty cool, but sadly they are too big for the dollhouse bathroom. Maybe I'll decoupage mermaids on the cabinet doors, a suggestion from Tam.

So, that's the update. As Hannibal was fond of saying, "I love it when a plan comes together."

Shamrock Pig Fingers Crossed Horseshoe chimney sweep, red toadstool Rabbit Foot Penny


  1. lol@ all the good luck charms! I love anything that has to do with the ocean! Remember that quiz I took that stated I was a "mermaid?"(lol)so you have my permission to slap a pix up of me in your seaworthy bathroom....:D. !lol!~~I can't wait to see the finished product of all your carefully thoughtout purchases. :)

  2. Ah--a PG13 or R rated bathroom! If I ever come to visit do you have a G rated one?

  3. Yes, there's always the woods out back. As G rated as you can get.