Monday, November 30, 2009

Letter Play

Time to crank up the production of the annual Christmas card. The illustration is done. I wanted a playful lettering style to letter the sentiment. I started playing around with these round, spiral shapes. I was using a lovely, walnut ink to play with because it happened to be in the inkwell on the drafting table. The swirly brown reminded me of my friend, Lambie's, delicious cinnamon buns. So, that's what I called this lettering. Cinnamon Bun.I won't use the walnut ink for the card. Will debate between black or blue ink.

I've also been deciding on how to color the cards. I'm leaning towards the watercolor pencil as that showed up fairly true to color on the scan. I'll add a touch of hand coloring after I print the cards.

That's what I'm working on. What's on your drafting table or to do list?


  1. Ugh... you don't want to see my to do list.

  2. Yes, Nutterone, I do want to see what your to do list looks like. Enable the nosy!

  3. oy... You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch.