Thursday, November 5, 2009

Prep Work

It's that time of year again. The annual race to get the Christmas cards finished and mailed before the holiday.

I'll spend today doing the prep work before the actual card is made. Today, I'll decide what size the card will be. Do I want a large card made by folding a standard sheet of paper in half? Do I want a smaller card made by folding a standard sheet in quarters? If I go with a smaller card (4 1/4" x 5 1/2") I can get two cards out of one sheet of paper. If I cut the sheet to the size of a business size envelope (#10), I can get 3 cards out of one sheet of paper. With the price of postage, I can save stamp money if I cut the sheet in quarters and mail four postcards instead of a card with an envelope. I'm opting for the post cards.

I had cut a piece of cardstock (heavy weight) paper to size and brought it to the post office to check on size. Was told it could go as a postcard.

Another paper decision to be made is the color. I've had the illustration and greeting rolling around in my head since last year. Trying to decide whether to print the cards on a dark blue paper with white ink or go with white paper, black illustration and hand color. I'm leaning toward the dark blue just to be different.

I tried digitally drawing my illustration, but when printed out it printed white on a black square. Not pretty. I'll draw the illustration in white ink, scan it in and see how it prints on dark paper. If it looks ugly, I have the reliable standby of a black illustration on white paper with touches of hand color. And then there's always store bought, boxed cards to send.

What's on your drawing board today?


  1. Oh you are inspiring me! I've been thinking about my Christmas letter and trying to think of my yearly theme. Last year we were the "pet" family" and our pets had a showcase in each part of the letter. One year I had a house theme! I'm still working out what to do this year!

  2. I supervised testing... Didn't think about the holiday card. I've jumped ahead to the holidays.