Friday, November 27, 2009

The Friday Five

I have a project coming up in a few weeks. I'll be required to write on various materials. I have no idea what I'll be given. I've been running around the house finding different things to write on. Feels a bit naughty. Five things I've been practicing writing on:

1a. Glass. As expected feels like ice. Must make sure not to overload the pen and use a very light touch.
1b. Glass with a satin finish. Mmmm, very nice.
2. Wood. Treated worked fine. Untreated feathered and bled. May have to resort to a Sharpie marker and monoline on untreated wood.

3. Metal. Yup, like glass

4. Rubber like plastic. Had a nice tooth without causing the pen to catch

5. Leather, faux leather. Nice to work on.

The writing was done using Dr. P.H. Martin's Spectralite Gold, Silver and Ziller Glossy Black and a Nikko G nib. The gold ink was old and blobbed more than giving happy results. I've ordered a new bottle along with some other pens that may be more suitable to writing on surfaces that are too slick or will feather and bleed.

The most unusual item I've written on has been sand dollars. Very delicate items. Have you written on any unusual items?

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  1. Oh where to begin with the weird things I've written on. I HIGHLY recommend Dr Ph Martin's Spectalite inks for golds & silvers. They're airbrush inks and will stick to just about anything. Dr Ph Martin's Bombay inks are good for weird surfaces, as are the Liquitex acrylic inks.... and now I know why I have so much crap in my studio.