Monday, December 26, 2011

The New Stove

The old stove was slated to be replaced next August during the Tax Free (hopefully) weekend. Poor old stove had plans of its own and had to be replaced sooner.

The new stove arrived last Tuesday. It has a sleek, black, wipe down exterior. The ceramic cooktop has no raised burners or nasty burner rings which are impossible to clean under.  Inside the oven, the heating element is hidden. Inside, outside wipe down easy. The only thing that could make this stove more awesome is detailing of flames like you see on racing cars or Harleys.

However, the stove is most emphatically not a Christmas present. There's a rule to be followed.

Love me sweet,
Love me tender,
Don't you dare
Give me a blender
Unless I ask for one.

Do you consider household appliances an appropriate gift to your significant other?

1 comment:

  1. Appliances are most definitely on the ‘good’ list! Some of my favorite gifts were appliances! Husband and I no longer exchange gifts at Christmas (haven’t for years) we just buy what we want when we want it. But I have fond memories of the year He gave me my Kitchen Aid mixer! My Dyson was another good year! I guess I’m just weird! LOL