Monday, December 5, 2011

Tree Trimming

The living room has been deep cleaned, or as cleaned as it will get. The furniture moved. The boxes of Christmas decorations have been brought up from their home under the stairs. The tree has been put together. Only one snag as to whether the first section brought upstairs was the bottom or the middle. When I asked Himself why he didn't label the sections of the tree, he said he did but the labels looked ugly so he ditched them.

 We used to get a real tree. Each year the trees were different shapes. Sometimes wider, sometimes taller. Somehow always bigger. Himself is an illumiphile. He loves Christmas lights. Lots of lights. Each branch must have lights on it.  Enough lights to make the train on the electric meter spin like the high speed Super Chief.  Each year, with the real tree there would be one or two trips to Ray's to buy another strand of lights. Each year we would hear  the whisper of horse's patoot as Himself wound in, under, and around the tree trying to get his light strands to cooperate. And each year, the girls and I would have to wait three days to decorate the tree before all the lights were properly placed on their branches. The light placement production was almost as tedious as the correct placement of tinsel.

This tree came pre-lit. It was an early bird Black Friday purchase Himself made a couple of years ago. A steal with thousands of tiny lights properly spaced on each branch. Today, the tree trimming will begin.

Is your Christmas tree up and decorated?


  1. OMG no! It's kind of depressing (since the kids have launched) as I have to decorate it alone most of the time so I wait till the very last minute! It's not as much fun alone,LOL!

  2. Waiting til this weekend when son gets home from college.