Monday, March 26, 2012


Got me new specs on Friday, and they are awesome in their blueness. A bit Poindexter in looks, but they are blue.  Because my prescription can drain the bank what with the no-line bifocals, the prisms, and anti-glare coatings, a pair of prescription sunglasses is out of the question. I had been getting magnetic frames which came with a sunglass clip. They were ok, not a lot of choice as to style and colors. The eyeglass shop solved that problem with being able to embed small magnets in the lenses and then getting a sunglass clip that would fit the frame. Any frame! And I could also  have a mirror finish put on the sunglass lenses. I'm prone to migraine and light is one of my triggers. Bright sunlight, sunlight reflecting off of pavement, snow. The magnetic frame eyeglass clips were never quite dark enough. The new clip is polarized and has a silver mirror. And the mirrors give me a  Gort-esque look. Wicked!

If you wear glasses do you also get sunglasses in your prescription?


  1. I only need (knock wood) readers so far. But I always go for the kick ass frames when I can find them! (Sunglasses are just a 'statetrooperish' style from Wallyworld.)LOL

  2. I got transitions lenses so I don't need extra sunglasses. I LOVE them. Except when I'm trying to get my picture taken outside.

  3. Ooh, love the blue!!
    I want to get me a pair red ones. I feel daring. LOL