Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Dancing with the Stars

Have you seen it? No? You're missing a spectacular dance. After sunset, go outside, face west (the direction of the setting sun) and look up.  You'll see two bright "stars" in conjunction with each other. The stars are really planets, Venus and Jupiter. What makes this year's show so special, is Venus and Jupiter can be seen for several hours after sunset and, they appear pretty close together.  As an added bonus, if you turn in the opposite direction (East), you'll be able to see the red planet, Mars.

If you miss the show this March, you can catch it again in May though the planets won't be visible for as long or appear as close.


  1. Yes I've seen them....they were really close together at one point (or so it seemed, only a few million miles apart!) they look to be moving now though.

  2. I went out this evening to look, but it was raining. Maybe tomorrow.