Friday, March 23, 2012

The Friday Five

While cleaning my mother's dresser, I found a small newspaper clipping. There was no date on the paper, but I know the date is 2. April 1949 as it is The Brother's birth announcement.

1. The bold article title announces, Waltham Hospital Greets 6 Arrivals. Five babies were born this morning and one yesterday. The article lists the names of the proud parents and their addresses. Four baby boys and one baby girl were born. One baby boy was born on the first of April.

On the back were used car listings like

2. 1938 Ford Convertible club coupe, excellent condition both body and motor.

3. 1939 Hudson convertible club coupe. Two new springs, new clutch, price $245

4. 1948 Nash "600" Car looks and runs like new. Has radio, heater, foam cushions, seat covers, and chrome wheel discs. Car is privately owned. Mileage 10,800. Price asked $1530. To appreciate this car you should see it.

The clipping listed the phone numbers with exchanges that began

5. Waltham 5 or Lasell 7. Sounds like something out of an old movie. Operator, get me Lasell 7-1234. The exchange at my parents house was Olympic 3.

I found the image of the Nash 600 from Wikipedia. Can you just see that gleaming beauty of a tank barreling down the road? According to Wikipedia, the Nash 600 was supposed to be able to go 600 miles on one 20 gallon tank of gas or 30 miles per gallon! The lowest gas price I can remember was in the early 1960s at 27 cents per gallon. Gas  yesterday where I usually fill up was $3.77 per gallon. My Ford Taurus wagon gets a dismal 19 miles per gallon.

How much are you paying for gas, and how many miles per gallon do your wheels give you?


  1. We're paying $3.75 here for gas, and my van gets 22-24 mpg these days.

    I remember a commercial from when I was a kid. "Call Westport 1-7100" Westport was the original name of Kansas City, KS. :)

  2. $4.09 in Portland, Oregon (no sales tax so we gotta make it up somewhere!) 25 mpg on my Toyota Matrix.

  3. Just filled up today at $3.89.9 per gallon! Total was $57.71! I try very hard not to go out much and when I do I plan my trips in a big circle so as not to waste time or gas (I always have.) If I’m frugal with my errands this tank should last me two weeks. I’m afraid to do the math so I don’t know my MPG! But at least we don’t have to wait on line for hours at a time like in the 70’s!

  4. Petrol and parking charges are now so expensive that we use the train more than ever with our local residents discount card.
    Our car is there just to wash and if we stand around with the bonnet open, neighbours come across for a chat!