Friday, March 9, 2012

The Friday Five

 I thought I heard or read no new pennies would be minted. Himself brought home some change and showed me a bright, shiny 2011 penny. The humble penny was given a makeover.

1. The head of a coin is called the obverse. The penny still has the familiar portrait of Abraham Lincoln.

2. The tail side of a coin is called the reverse. The new penny design bears a shield with scroll, and the motto E pluribus unum.

3. The new design is a reflection of the country as a unified nation, what Lincoln struggled to do during his administration.

4. The copper penny isn't made of solid copper. It's really copper plated zinc.

5. Obverse of the coin still bears the In God We Trust. There was an amusing line from The Big Valley episode, The Brawlers. Some Irish immigrants were trying to get credit at the local general store. The store owner refused to extend them credit. Having been burned from customers not paying their bills he stated: In God we trust, all others pay cash.

Have you ever taken a penny and laid it on the subway rail to see how thin it would get when the trolley ran over it?


  1. Those are interesting facts!

    My kiddo always likes putting a penny into those machines to get a souvenir printed on it with where we've been. :)

  2. Not on the subway, but on the railroad tracks. A freight train full of wheat can smash a penny pretty flat. :)