Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Fever

Spring Fever. Yup, I got it bad. I needed some color and some whimsy. While waiting for the grey, cool weather to disperse, I dragged out the metal tree I used when I was creating and personalizing Christmas ornaments at craft fairs. (Actually, Himself dragged the tree out as the storage box was in the garage where the spiders dwell. The garage is not a Little Princess place to visit.) The Seuss-like tree was my design from armature wire, nuts, and metal washers. Himself made it so. I turned it around so the cardinal with holly and berries design on the pot doesn't show. Green paper grass covers the stone weight. The limbs are perfect for the plastic eggs, glass chicks, bunnies, carrots and lambs. A stuffed Peep nests as the topper.

Now I got me a craving for Peeps. No, not to eat. They're disgusting, but they are amusing when you nuke them in the microwave. Be sure to put them in a sealed plastic bag first or you'll have a huge mess to clean.

What's your cure for Spring fever?


  1. Peeps--disgusting?? No! I love those little marshmallow bunnies. :) Love your tree!

  2. I agree! They're disgusting! But I'm curious....what happens when you nuke them? (Is it like nuking ivory soap?)

  3. I've never nuked a bar of Ivory soap. Will have to add Ivory to the shopping list.

    Go pack a pack of Peeps. Put one ins a ziplock bag. The ziplock bag is crucial. Nuke in the microwave for 30 to 45 secs. Such sweets, savage amusement.

  4. In English the first sentence should read, go buy a pack of Peeps