Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Top 75 Safest Massachusetts Towns

According to Channel 5, the FBI has released a list of the top 75 safest towns in Massachusetts. And the town I live in isn't on the list! I live in a small, rural community with a population a little over 9,000 residents. There's a town green with a bandstand., three churches, and three gas stations. There's a strip mall on the highway with a post office, dry cleaner, Edible Fruit, a packie (liquor store), convenience store, US Agriculture offices, a hair salon, and a bank. There's another bank across the highway. There are two sets of lights, one that controls traffic on the highway, and the other, a flashing yellow light which controls traffic on one of the main roads leading to the town center. We have a pizza place that doesn't deliver.  I typically don't lock my car when I run to the post office, bank, or to pick up pizza. I don't lock my car when I go to town hall or the library. The town hall, police station, and fire station are in the same building. The library is in the basement of the town hall. You would think a place that has a state reservation called Purgatory (Purgatory Chasm) would be safe. Sadly, we did have one violent crime several years ago where a worker at one of the gas stations was murdered. My only consolation is that the towns of family and friends and didn't make the top 75 either.

How safe is your town?


  1. You live in the Mayberry of New England. Probably your town didn't make the list because Massachusetts has so many bazillions of little towns. :)

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  3. 'They' actually list our crime rate as low. You'd never know it by listening to the nightly news, though.