Friday, March 2, 2012

The Friday Five

Five things about the month of March

1. Meteorlogical Spring arrived on the first. The weather dudes consider March, April, and May to be Spring months. Spring came in like a lion around here on the first, but forecasts for next week look like temps might get up into the upper 50s or 60s!

2. My Dad's birthday is on the 17th. He'll be 93.

3. St. Patrick's Day which means the annual cooking of a corned beef.

4. The Young One will be on Spring Break next week. Himself will be on Spring Break starting the 17th. Means I'll be able to drag extra hands to help with the clean out of my parents' house.

5. With the sun at a high angle, sunny days can be spent working in the sun room.

I'm having trouble coming up with a birthday gift for my dad. He has Alzheimer's, doesn't see very well, and resides in a nursing home. Any suggestions?


  1. Happy birthday to your dad. My grandfather doesn't see very well, and a family member blew up a bunch of family pictures and printed them in black and white (which he can see better). It was a perfect gift for him.

  2. 93?? That's amazing! I love the sunlight of this time of year. It soaks right into me.

    Maybe something edible would be a good gift? Candy? Or a nice houseplant?

  3. My mom has dementia and is in a nursing home. The last couple of years we have arrived on her birthday with a cake large enough for everyone in the dining room to have a piece. Everyone sings Happy Birthday to her. She doesn't remember gifts and whatever she needs, I buy through the year. This way everyone there gets a treat and if they remember, they think very highly of her for a few days for saving them from another dish of canned pears! Candy is a good thing too like Jill said. If it is visible and not in a drawer, he'll remember to have some!

  4. Can't think of anything better than what's already been suggested. Happy Birthday to your dad!