Thursday, February 2, 2023

Groundhog Day Craft

Join me and the millions of preschoolers around the country that celebrate a rodent predicting  666 days left of Winter.

For this craft you will need: scissors, white glue like Elmer's, 5 or 6 cotton balls, an X-acto knife, craft stick, paper to draw a groundhog, pencil, and a 3 oz. (bathroom) paper cup

If you don't want to draw your own groundhog, head over to Clipart Library where you can find a selection of copyright free images to download. You may need to resize the image to 2 in. wide by 3 in. tall. My finished image measured 2 in. by 2.5 in.

I used mixed media paper, watercolor pencils, and a Pigma pen. Cardstock would also be a good paper to either print or draw on.

With your X-acto knife, carefully cut a slit in the bottom of the cup. The cup I used was plastic so I had to cut a notch so the craft stick would slide up straight from the bottom of the cup.

Fluff out the cotton balls and glue them around the top edge (drinking edge) of your cup. The is the snow that surrounds your groundhog's burrow. Set aside to dry.

Draw, color, and cut out or print a clipart groundhog, color, and cut out. I had some googly eyes which I used on my groundhog. 

Glue your groundhog to your craft stick. The ground hog's bottom should be about 1.5 in. from the top of the stick

Insert the craft stick into the top of the cup. Pull the stick through the slot until you can only see the top of your groundhog's head.

Push the stick up and your groundhog is ready to predict whether Winter ends, and there's an early Spring, or if there are still 666 days to the longest month of the year (February). Hint: there are still 666 days left.

I made a little sign for my ground hog to express my feelings about Winter,

I have friends who delight in Winter and snow, and they love to tease me because I do not share the same joy. They gleefully send me memes  such as the one in the image above.

I made another sign for the groundhog and my friends who revel in Winter. Happy Groundhog Day


  1. Awwwww, how cute is that!!!!
    One of my fav movies, too!

    The dude from the translation company now when asking if we need the weekly meeting: "Groundhog day?"
    Lucky guy is in Madrid now, and bet he has it cozily warm!

    Awww, yours is so cute!

  2. We're in for bitterly cold the next couple of days. I envy the guy in Madrid

  3. 🤣🤣🤣🤣....666 days of winter THAT"S funny!

  4. Love your cute groundhog! Snow looks pretty, but I could do without it! Valerie

  5. It's about 6 weeks 'til the first day of astronomical spring no matter what the groundhog says ;) I'm counting down 'til March 1st lol

    1. Either meteorological or the Spring Equinox, Spring here in New England is still pretty cold and wet. Just not as much snow.

  6. Well that ground hog is adorable! I'm with you - a little snow goes a long way. We had like 3" three days go and because we are on the shady side of the lake area we get hardly any sun . It will take a few weeks to melt, ugh...

  7. Poor Phil saw his shadow today, so you are right. 666 days till spring. Give me spring or autumn, but you can keep summer and winter. You would hate summer too, if you'd had heat stroke like I had one year. I get cold chills just thinking about what I went through that day.

    Your groundhog is adorable. I like how you showed us how to make one. You could make it a bit smaller by recycling a K pod instead of using a new plastic cup. I LOVE your drawing of Phil!!

    1. The plastic cup had water in it from when I brushed my teeth, so it was recycled

  8. Fun and purrfect for Groundhog Day:)

  9. This guy is very cute. I don't think it matters whether he sees his shadow or not because either way he doesn't predict winter. Not only in reality, but also the fact that there is 6 weeks of winter or spring is just around the corner. And what is just around the corner telling us? Stay warm tomorrow. Smile. hugs-Erika

  10. If you want to make one of those Ground hogs big enough, we could take it to my gun range and end his gleeful misery.