Saturday, November 15, 2008


This taken from Erica's blog. Seven random facts about me.

1. I wear my wristwatch on my right wrist with face on my inner wrist.

2. Though lefthanded, I crochet right handed.

3. I don't like coffee, but I love the smell of fresh ground coffee beans.

4. My second favorite color is red.

5. I don't like to go barefoot.

6. I had a talking Casper the Ghost doll when I was little. Pull the string and he'd say a few phrases. Things like a ghostie Ooooo and "I'll play with you." Casper fell out of bed some many times the record in his head became scratched so he said "OOOOOOOOOoooo play with youoooooooo"

7. I love Croc/Croc knock offs. The rubber clogs. I own three pair. Light blue, black and my latest cobalt blue winter "crocs" with a sherpa lining. Comfy and toasty. The Eldest hates my crocs and calls them fugly for umm very ugly. This morning I had on the new pair and she said: You're not wearing those to work, are you? Lol. Shoe's on the other foot.

Wanna play?


  1. LOL, yup, them are very ugly shoes. Did you wear them to work?

  2. They are comfy shoes, but I don't do "agressive" things in them. As a fellow left-hander, I do most other things with my right hand. Then again, I've always been weird.