Thursday, August 18, 2011

Year Meme

A year meme is going around Facebook. Iowa gave me 1980

Age: 25
Status: always a bridesmaid
Work: assistant office manager at Marquette Cement Co.
Car: 1979 Ford Mustang
Lived in: Natick, Massachusetts
Likes: weekends at York Beach, Maine
Kids: Not even a twinkle in my eye

What were you doing in 1980


  1. Look at you... Ya cutie.

    5th grade... Rice Creek Elementary

  2. Baby number two was born
    January 8th, 1980, the rest of the year buzzed by!

  3. Age: 11
    Status: Dork
    Work: chores and homework, but only when I couldn't find a way out of them.
    Car: Matchbox
    Lived in: my head, most of the time.
    Likes: reading, tv, playing outside
    Kids: three of us, one sister, one brother.